Indominus Rex Vs Indoraptor Who Would Win

Indoraptor vs indominus rex who would win. For one the indoraptor is much faster than the indominus rex.

Indoraptor Vs Indominus Rex Jurassic Park World Indominus Rex Jurassic World

The indoraptor while twice the size of blu is still half the size of the indominus rex.

Indominus rex vs indoraptor who would win. Who would win and become the ultimate hybrid champion. Today we will have the most dangerous dinosaurs in jurassic world fallen kingdom going face to face. Http www viralkiller onejoin my bug hunt squad.

It also can hide its heat signature and can camouflage. Genetically modified killing machines indoraptor vs indominus rex who will win. I don t see how indoraptor wins.

Jurassic world fallen kingdom fight check out 2018 2019 s mind blowing. 1 please login to continue. The i rex is a lot bigger and stronger than the indoraptor.

Username or email address. So the indoraptor seems smarter than the indominous rex but the i rex is still probably the second smartest dinosaur and is more intelligent than about half the people in the franchise. Indoraptor vs indominus rex jurassic world fallen kingdom fight.

Today we ll see the indoraptor vs indominus rex fight. Indominus rex vs indoraptor who would win. Published on june 24 2018 by massiveg.

Indoraptor vs indominus rex with jurassic world evolution. I guess the indoraptor lost his head twice when he seriously considered fighting the indominus rex and when he literally lost it. Dinosaur battle t shirts and mugs i designed for you.

The winner is the indominus rex. Welcome to dino battles.

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